Our COVID-19 Commitment


Hospitality at Work's COVID-19 Commitment

As always, our mission at H@W is to make people the most valuable asset in real estate.  The list below outlines many of the steps and precautions we have taken to ensure the health and safety of our tenants, our vendors, our clients, and our employees. 


  1. We posted directional signage throughout lobby, common area corridors, stairs, entries, and elevators, and entrance/exit doors to reinforce social distancing requirements.

  2. We closed non-essential common areas. 

  3. We reconfigured all common area seating and/or removed seating to support social distancing. 

  4. We are providing additional cleaning and disinfecting services and increasing the frequency in cleaning in higher traffic areas.

  5. We made sanitization stations available adjacent to entrances, exits, and other major touchpoints.  In addition, where possible, we eliminated non-essential touchpoint objects. 

  6. We require all building staff to wear appropriate PPE at all times.  We have also procured a supply of disposable masks for use by our valued tenants or their guests as needed.

  7. Our engineering and HVAC teams are inspecting the building equipment on a regular basis and, where possible, upgrading air filters, increasing the frequency of filter changes, and increasing outdoor air ventilation.

  8. We continuously provide additional training and resources to our on-site management teams.


Our business is serving others – our clients, our tenants, our vendors, our families, our communities, and our teammates.  Although COVID-19 is having an impact on our day-to-day activities, our overall goal remains the same:

  • To provide engaging workplaces and delightful experiences to the tenants we serve.

  • Support our clients in attracting and retaining the best tenants in the market.


Stay safe and healthy.


The H@W Team

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